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Omar Qureshi is a full-stack Creative Director and MarCom professional, based out of Pakistan. Known for his multi-disciplinary approach, he excels at devising compelling visual concepts and ideas that are underpinned by rigorous research and strategic thinking. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for doing the never-done-before, Omar enjoys devising engaging digital & creative campaigns, one-off pieces, and multi-platform experiences, both – in static and moving fashion.
Omar has also had the honor of serving as a member of the grand jury for the esteemed New York Advertising Awards in 2022 and the Global Social Media Awards in 2023, which is a testament to his expertise and recognition as a thought leader & creator in the industry.

Pakistan Creatives is a Community platform that bridges the gap between job-seekers & job recruiters. It helps students and professionals that work in the creative arts industry (which includes fields and domains such as marketing, news-writing, product design, film, tv & design, and many more!) find hot jobs, internships, freelance gigs & global opportunities.
Since 2019, we've shared over 3,000 jobs with over 2,500 people present in our Community. 
Skills & Core Competencies
Recognitions & Projects
★ Concept & Idea Generation
★ Creative Direction
★ Digital Content Strategy
★ Product Marketing & Growth Hacking
★ Employer Branding (Strategy to Retention!)
★ Visual Design & Branding
★ Copywriting & Communications
★ Project & People Management
★ Video Production
★ Member of Grand Jury at New York Advertising Awards, 2022
★ Member of Grand Jury at Global Social Media Awards by Don't Panic, 2023
★ Member of Grand Jury at Muse Creative Awards by IAA, 2023
★ Member of Grand Jury at TITAN Global Brand Awards by IAA, 2023
★ Member of Grand Jury at NYX MarCom Awards, 2023
★ Best Film | Category: Tolerance at 60 Seconds Intl. Film Festival
★ Crafted four season-based Magical Reports for SnackMagic
★ Invited to Florence, Italy to film a promo for AIESEC in Italy in 2016

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☁ Everybody writes by Ann Handley
✦ Email: oqarts@gmail.com
✦ LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/itsomarqureshi
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